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Shareholder Action Against Volkswagen AG

Innsworth is funding legal action on behalf of shareholders against car manufacturer Volkswagen AG (“Volkswagen”).

Second Court Filing

On 16 September 2016, Innsworth announces the filing of a second complaint in the German courts seeking damages of up to €2 billion on behalf of Volkswagen shareholders who have suffered losses resulting from the car giant’s use of “defeat device” software to cheat emissions tests.

Third Court Filing

A third complaint was filed in the 1st week of August 2017. 

Volkswagen AG Shareholders' Legal Action Overview

The action seeks to establish that shareholders are entitled to compensation for losses caused by Volkswagen’s alleged breaches of the Securities Trading Act 1998 (Germany), arising from the Company’s failure to inform the market over a long period of time about its alleged practice of installing and using “defeat device” software in well in excess of 10 million vehicles it manufactured and sold in the United States (“US”) and other world car markets.  

Volkswagen AG Shareholders' Legal Action Background

On Friday 18 September 2015, it emerged via US environmental agencies that Volkswagen had allegedly installed “defeat device” software in certain vehicles it manufactured from 2009 (numbering 482,000), the effect of which was to modify (lower) the amount of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) and other pollutants emitted by the vehicles when they were under test or laboratory conditions.  Once allowed back “on the road”, it was suggested the vehicles' NOx emissions increased by 30 to 40 times.
Over the weekend of 19 to 20 September 2015, in the midst of brewing global outrage in light of the revelations, senior Volkswagen executives including former Chief Executive, Mr Martin Winterkorn, made public statements in which they admitted that the Company has used defeat devices and expressed their profound apologies.
On Monday 21 September 2015, the market reacted strongly and negatively to what the media was calling the "emissions scandal".  The price of Volkswagen securities on German exchanges fell by approximately 17% that day – and 18% the next – in the process wiping some €25 billion of Volkswagen’s market capitalisation.
In the subsequent days yet more information came into the market in regards to the "emissions scandal", including the fact that the scandal was not confined to the US, as the Company had installed a further 11 million defeat devices in vehicles sold worldwide.
The shareholder action, which has been filed in Germany, claims that Volkswagen failed to inform the market of the use of defeat devices for at least five years, and possibly longer, and that this information constitutes inside information under the relevant German legislative provisions and should have been immediately released to the market. 

Volkswagen AG Shareholders' Legal Action Eligibility

All current and former shareholders who acquired Volkswagen securities on a German exchange during the period 1 January 2009 to 18 September 2015 inclusive are eligible to participate in the proposed legal action.
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